Ethereum Gold mainnet version 1.0 is expected to be released in February

Official news: The Ethereum Gold (ETHG) main network is expected to be officially released in mid-to-late February 2023, and is currently undergoing the final main network test. The specific release time is subject to the official announcement.


The token ETHG on the Ethereum chain will be mapped and exchanged for Ethereum Gold main network tokens by taking a snapshot of all wallet addresses 3 days before the main network release. The conversion ratio is 1:1. The main network mapping does not involve any fees, and users do not need to perform any operations.


ETHG was initiated by Nanopool, the classic Ethereum mining pool, and led by eight major capitals including Canadian Hut 8 Mining and A16Z!

ETHG technical team members come from the world’s top cryptography experts, Ethereum co-founder Joseph Lubin, programmer Jeffrey, and many technical geeks, blockchain elites, anonymous developers, punk communities, Ethereum miners, and crypto investors around the world Those who form the world’s top technical team.


ETHG’s new POW+POS+POC consensus mechanism gathers the computing power of global miners, promotes the security improvement of the ETHG network through computing power growth and multi-consensus mechanisms, and seamlessly connects with DAPPs on the ETH chain, communicates with each other, and truly realizes mutual operation, improve the scalability of the public chain, and complete the application of the public chain. Improve the efficiency of TPS, upgrade the scalability of smart contracts, and create a more decentralized, safer and more efficient decentralized smart public chain network.


ETHG will build the next peak of computing power mining based on the POW consensus mechanism, complete the application of the public chain, establish a super computing power center around the world, land a multi-currency coverage mining pool, set a diversified mining plan, and pass Computing power mining, pledge mining, cross-chain mining, exchange computing power, mining machine mall and other methods to lower the mining threshold and increase mining revenue. ETHG is an intelligent public chain network that everyone in the world can easily participate in.