Ecological lending and win-win GalaxyFi decentralized exchange will be launched soon

Due to the increasing acceptance of encrypted assets in the market, the rapid development of encrypted currency technology, and the large-scale participation of financial institutions in the encrypted asset market, it has completely changed the competitive landscape in the field of digital transactions. An infrastructure with more innovative financial services is emerging, laying the groundwork for resilience and growth in the rapidly changing cryptocurrency industry.

GalaxyFi builds a decentralized financial aggregation ecological platform with decentralized exchanges as the core, supports real-time transactions and high transaction throughput, and is committed to developing innovative financial tools and services to support new economic exchanges. Around the decentralized exchange, GalaxyFi will use blockchain technology to create a safe, open and efficient decentralized financial aggregation ecological platform, realize NFT lending, DeFi, cross-border payment, GameFi and other ecological applications, and provide global users with efficient Convenient financial services.

Based on the BSC smart chain, GalaxyFi conducts transactions through smart contracts and a decentralized network. Headquartered in Dubai, its users are located in Singapore, Switzerland, Turkey, Hong Kong and other countries around the world. GalaxyFi unites the technical team of the Wall Street Institute of Technology, the mobile payment Square Cash team, the UK Circle digital service tool team and the Dutch Adyen multi-channel payment team, as well as the former technical backbones of Microsoft, META and Google, relying on 10 years of blockchain technology and financial Technology experience, the development of the GalaxyFi trading system with volume matching transactions, easy-to-use enhanced security and privacy, set off a revolution in the field of digital asset finance.

GalaxyFi is a decentralized exchange that supports instant transactions and high transaction throughput, and is committed to developing innovative financial tools and services. The world’s first loss compensation and liquidation compensation functions, when users suffer losses due to market fluctuations and other reasons and face the risk of liquidation, users will be provided with a certain degree of economic compensation to reduce the user’s investment risk.

Decentralized lending is the core function of GalaxyFi’s decentralized financial ecosystem. The platform provides blockchain short-term lending functions, providing users with a safe, transparent and efficient way to make money. Lender users lend digital assets to participate in the cycle of digital assets and enjoy stable and high returns. Digital assets are collected in the loan matching fund pool. Borrower users can lend funds by depositing collateral, and conduct high-leverage transactions on the GalaxyFi decentralized exchange to maximize benefits.

The lending function is implemented by smart contracts. GalaxyFi users can choose a 1- or 7-day lending period on the platform, the type and amount of assets to borrow or lend, and receive real-time interest rates. The smart contract will automatically match the borrower and lender, and complete the loan transaction if the conditions are met. At the same time, the smart contract will automatically deduct the interest and repayment principal to ensure the fairness and transparency of the transaction. GalaxyFi users get income after completing the participation cycle, and can also choose to reinvest to obtain compound interest.


GES token is the only platform token of GalaxyFi, with a constant issuance of 2 million pieces. GalaxyFi adopts the welfare airdrop method of “getting GES ecological token by investing”. That is, for all the daily income generated by the user on the GalaxyFi platform, an additional GES token equivalent to 1% of the income funds will be presented.

GES token is a combination of investment and platform ecological token, allowing users to invest in “now” and “future” at the same time with a sum of money. GES tokens will be widely used in the GalaxyFi ecosystem and will be continuously burned in the application. Holding the GES ecological pass, not only can immediately obtain high-yield investment returns, but its value will also increase with the growth of the platform. Users who invest early can expect higher returns.