Discover new wealth, forge new formats, new defi tracks, and new community consensus

In the Internet, no matter how free people are, you cannot achieve decentralization. At most, you only go to the center of the virtual world, but the center at the physical level still exists firmly. As long as the Internet has relied on wired and radio waves, switches, data hubs, cross-sea fiber optic cables, DNS, and IP addresses, the real center has been tightly controlled.

Regarding the sharing economy, the blockchain has natural advantages. If a user group with hundreds of millions of users can combine it well with the blockchain, the subsequent burst of energy will be huge.

It is especially obvious in the financial field. The rise of DEFI has broken the status of investment banks in the traditional financial field, and it has also provided great convenience for ordinary people to participate in more direct and more profitable financial products.

Recently, we found through research that a number of business formats under a decentralized ecosystem called ATM go hand in hand and quickly occupy several fields. Among them is an innovative project of the DeFi protocol, which we believe is highly feasible. project to build a new understanding of DeFi.

Before introducing this defi protocol, we must first give readers a brief description of the entire ATM, so that everyone will not be confused about the relationship between the two. At present, the ATM we know is a large-scale community autonomous ecology. There are two prominent products under the ATM ecology, or we can use token to describe it more accurately. The first one is the ATMC format based on the expansion of the ATM ecosystem. It effectively binds the members of the community together through a new way of playing. Officially, this behavior is called the ladder on high buildings model, but we think it is called crowd. The -funding model is more straightforward to understand. If you are interested in the economic model of ATMC, we can tell you a separate issue. In this issue, we will focus on describing another ATMG based on the defi protocol under the ATM ecosystem.

Attributes about token

Total circulation: 90 million pieces

Airdrop: 1%

Marketing: 2%

Pot: 2%

Mining: 95%

Among them, the official Twitter of the airdrop and the pot explained it. It is said that the official will lock the pot after the launch of pancake swap. As for the 2% of marketing, there is currently no official explanation, and we will continue to pay attention to the follow-up news of the official Twitter.

Therefore, the overall circulation of ATMG is not large, 95% of which is produced through mining, and the initial circulation is small, which is relatively fair and reasonable.

Next, I will introduce the economic model, which is also what we find interesting. An interesting economic model is used to achieve a reasonable output of tokens and a reasonable price increase logic.

First of all, players need to purchase ATMG to form LP to participate in pledge mining. Compared with the traditional 50:50 composition of LP mining, ATMG has adjusted the ratio of LP, and users can choose 90:10; 80:20 :; 70:30 ratio for pledge mining.

At this point, the impermanent loss ratio of traditional LP mining users due to the currency price is optimized. Even in extreme cases, the user’s biggest loss is predictable, and the new logic of LP has been discovered to a great extent, so that more players are willing to participate in LP mining.

The logic of ore production is also different from the general mining logic. ATMG sets 4 intervals according to the total tvl value in the DAPP. The total daily ore production can be as low as 14.4 pieces and as high as 28,800 pieces. The traditional mining coin liquidity mining, which is also abandoned by the mining logic, can obtain extremely high or even exaggerated APY in a short period of time, which makes it more reasonable and fair.

Next, if it’s just a single mining coin, I don’t think we will bring it up to you. With the maturity of defi, even if the combined ratio of LPs changes, the value of the token will only be more interesting. lower and lower.

When the player is paired with LP pledge mining, the ATMG DAPP will authorize to read the balance of ATMG in the player’s wallet, and divide the remaining tokens other than the player’s pledge into three holding areas through a set of algorithms unique to ATMG. It is the worst position area; the general position area and the best position area. Except for the players in the best holding area, players in the other two areas will have a certain loss in their daily ATMG output. It is officially called computing power floating.

Based on the economic model of floating computing power, we can find two phenomena that are different from the traditional defi mining logic.

First: Players need to hold additional ATMG after participating in pledge mining. Of course, you can choose not to hold it, but your actual daily mine production will be lost because it is not in the best holding area. part. So even if your funds are large, you still need to reserve a part of ATMG to store in your wallet to cope with the range of the optimal amount of ATMG held every day.

Second: also because there are three different positions. In order to prevent the loss of their mine production, users will adjust their ATMG positions by themselves after the dapp announces the values ​​of the three position ranges every day. Users with more holdings need to sell, and users with less holdings need to buy. Enter, through this economic model to automatically guide players to change their hands, so that the turnover rate of ATMG increases so that the price can reduce resistance when the next climb.

In the end, it is concluded that the new LP formation method and the interesting division of three holding areas can better promote the development of ATMG’s business format. The most direct presentation is the price of ATMG. Comparing the chaos in the traditional DeFi track project with the core advantages of the innovative project ATMG through the above rules is very obvious, which is what we find interesting and novel at the same time.

The DeFi market is a rare and very clear market, and accurate measurement of value can be achieved through the blockchain, which can benefit many parties. If DeFi is the financial infrastructure of the future, every track is in a very early stage now. DeFi technology is very disruptive, we don’t know when it will replace a lot of financial infrastructure now, but it has the possibility. It has a very large space for development and a lot of investment opportunities. We believe that ATMG in the ATM ecosystem is such a brand-new DeFi project. From the information disclosed on the official ATM Twitter, there are tens of millions of communities in the future strategic partners, which is helpful for the subsequent implementation, and more scenarios are also available. In successive constructions, such as ATM Labs; ATM Nft, etc. We look forward to the rapid landing of ATMG, completely subverting the traditional DeFi, and setting a new benchmark for DeFi.