DAO of Metaverse: Evolution DAO Metaverse Decentralized Financial Ecology

As the most important organizational form in the encryption world, DAO developers also use their own whimsy to build DAO applications. Compared with the combination of DAO in governance mechanism of other protocols, DAO projects will be more decentralized in terms of operation mode. transformed genes. Driven by innovators, this new form of organization is slowly changing every aspect of the decentralized world.

What is Evolution DAO?

Based on the concept of sharing, Evolution DAO is a blockchain community organization that is constrained by smart contracts to jointly create, acquire and distribute community value. Gather traditional investment institutions, DeFi investment research analysis teams, IT engineers, Wall Street market value management teams, incubation teams, early blockchain evangelists and hundreds of high-quality promotion communities at home and abroad to build a DeFi2.0+GameFi2.0+NFT aggregated ecosystem.

The vision of Evolution DAO is to create a decentralized talent aggregator and resource integrator to realize a community of interests, a community of values, and a community of destiny. Evolution DAO selects the best decentralized projects to cooperate with, and launches a variety of DeFi products to provide users with one-stop liquidity mining services, and users earn governance tokens ED at the same time. Ultimately, Evolution DAO will launch service products applied to the Metaverse to help realize the decision-making function of the Metaverse DAO.

Evolution DAO development direction

Evolution DAO can ensure the fairness and transparency of the investment process through the form of DAO, and can realize the reasonable distribution of income and save audit costs. At the same time, it is in line with the demand for capital for industry development in the current blockchain world. Evolution DAO will focus more on the metaverse project of high-quality chain games, gather a huge user group, and promote the healthy development of the platform through the early dividends of investment projects, so that the moat of the platform will become wider and wider, and the scale will grow faster and faster.

A. Evolution DAO×DeFi2.0

Evolution DAO brings together individual forces to discover investment opportunities in the DeFi field, aggregate funds and screen projects through voting mechanisms and smart contracts within the organization, and then provide liquidity and earn income for target projects. Each member of Evolution DAO can put forward investment proposals and select high-quality projects for the community through a competitive mechanism, which means that decision-makers have changed from a single leader to relying on community voting and consensus.

At the same time, Evolution DAO is committed to turning liquidity into the infrastructure layer of DeFi to achieve sustainable development. The ecological governance and decision-making rights are handed over to the community members. All members are associated entities, and the participants have the source of power, so as to avoid the project being dominated by giant whales as much as possible, and greatly reduce the risk of a few large token holders changing the agreement.

B. Evolution DAO×GameFi 2.0

GameFi is the most intuitive entrance to the Metaverse. Evolution DAO provides resources, facilities and talent support for potential GameFi projects, and a large player base can agree on better platform policies and game designs. The Evolution DAO will be a DAO of tens of thousands and ever-increasing gamers, members utilizing NFTs in P2E games to generate real cash flow for the community. At the same time, continuous screening and screening of high-quality GameFi projects has enabled the community and ecology to continue to grow and develop.

Evolution DAO creates an important entrance to the Metaverse through the GameFi ecosystem, and it is also the farthest field of all applications in the Metaverse at this stage. Various game projects and related DAO organizations continue to expand their community members in the digital world, ED pass and establish governance systems to form a unique economy.

C. Evolution DAO×NFT

The combination of Evolution DAO and NFT has brought about the evolution of the governance model. At the specific application level, Evolution DAO cultivates and expands the value domain of NFT through community power. Evolution DAO members have the right to jointly decide the NFT artwork to be invested in, and can split, borrow, curate the purchased NFT, or pledge it on other DeFi platforms. Evolution DAO uses NFT to tokenize digital content ownership, forming a closed loop of content-based production, investment, resale, and consumption.

Evolution DAO Economic Model

In terms of economic model, ED, as the governance token of Evolution DAO, is based on the BSC Binance Smart Chain, with a total circulation of 1,000 trillion. Evolution DAO has designed a new form of participation in the ecosystem to open airdrops. Each user who participates in the Evolution DAO ecosystem can receive an airdrop of 30 million ED tokens by paying a gas fee of 0.5BNB in ​​the DAPP. Users who directly recommend new users to participate in the ecosystem can get 30 million ED tokens as rewards.

It is worth mentioning that the tokens obtained by users of the Evolution DAO ecosystem cannot be directly traded in the secondary market. Users must exchange ED on Swap to increase LP liquidity, and by adding LP liquidity to unlock the airdrop token in their hands. certificate. Therefore, there will not be a large number of ED tokens in circulation in the secondary market in the early stage of the project. Evolution DAO ecological participants first participate in the liquidity supply of SuperDAO, which can bring sufficient liquidity to ED and greatly increase the depth of the LP pot. Such a deep liquid pot can easily offset the volatility of ED in the market. Driven by the demand of ecology, the price of ED token will rise steadily.


From DeFi, NFT to GameFi, as the core concept of Web 3.0, Evolution DAO effectively solves the problems of inefficiency in decision-making, vague goals, and developer conflicts in many blockchain projects through the organizational form of DAO, allowing the Evolution DAO community to collectively Rapid development in consensus. It is believed that with the joint efforts of all, the ecology of Evolution DAO will develop and change from point to point, and will become a more diverse DeFi2.0+GameFi2.0+NFT aggregation ecology.