Behind “Genesis Bulls” , the artistic core of the Tibetan era is still appealing

On July 3, Meng Changming, an artist living in Suzhou, officially released the “Genesis Bulls” NFT collection. Apart from the 200 pieces of works reserved by the producer, all the other 1800 NFT collections were snapped up by collectors all over the world. “Genesis Bulls” is a notable release among several Chinese art collections and also the first digital work launched by Meng Changming in NFT world. “As a formal symbol, the bulls have a strong plasticity, and its face and body can bring countless possibilities to the artist. Now, I give them another symbolic meaning and let them wander in the quiet sky at midnight in the name of NFT happily and freely.” Meng Changming said.

Because of Suzhou and Jiangnan(the southern area of China) Meng Changming found his spiritual destination in the mountains and rivers along the way. He uses his love to describe Jiangnan in his heart, and he also examines the life around him quietly. The famous painter, calligrapher and art critic who has lived in Suzhou for more than ten years has held more than 100 solo exhibitions in many countries and cities in China and the West. This time, a total of 2,000 pieces of Meng Changming’s “Genesis Bulls” were released, and the 9 of them were hand-painted by Meng, ensuring the uniqueness of each piece and preserving the vitality of eastern lines and western colors, elements of composition and a very clear artistic style.

With the help of Mao Zemin, a cutting-edge figure in the field of artificial intelligence and blockchain research and development in China, he believes that “Genesis Bulls” is a collision and integration of Eastern and Western aesthetics in the field of NFT with great exploration value and an aesthetic paradigm in the metaverse era.

Mao Zemin believes that Chinese digital art market is booming, but it needs a famous IP with great value, and is more of a hype category. Because of the lack of recognition, the previous artists had to meet other famous people’s help to discover his artistic value and sang the world to know it. The price of art was slowly pushed up through time. In recent years, many art creators have chosen a plan to create a set of works and a series to launch, and its influence forms a combined punch, which increases market influence and thereby gains benefits. However, Mao Zemin believes that the development of technologies and the products of industrial civilization such as the Internet, AR and VR , allows young people to enter a digital world like the Matrix. Today’s concept of the metaverse allows creative painters to have creative tools.

For example, the “Genesis Bulls” suddenly expands a creative boundary of the artist. In the past, the artist could not ensure that every piece reached the same artistic level, but with computer-assisted generation, this possibility is achieved, and each one is different. At the same time, when a collector in the Metaverse era owns one of them, he also owns the copyright of the work, which can be used in various scenarios and can be commercially derived. Therefore, lcollectors will actively assist in promotion which may have a huge impact in a very short period of time.

Mao Zemin believes: “There is nothing new under the sun, and the core of artworks is still influence and appeal, and the Metaverse Era is not separated from this core. Why do we come to Suzhou many times to inspect Meng Changming’s works, because his artistic style is very prominent even in the international level. Any technical logic will eventually give way to aesthetic logic in the artwork.”

Mr. Meng Changming’s NFT “Genesis Bulls” is a masterpiece based on classical Chinese calligraphic lines combined with some elements from African wood carving and Dunhuang murals, which brings about a new aesthetic outlook of his NFT works so as to integrate such cultural concepts as “original” and “organic” into a space tunnel between the post modern world and Metaverse.