Aurorabase Creates JAVASCRIPT Library to Build Metaverse Dreams with Global Tech Geeks

The metaverse is known as the evolutionary direction of human society in the next 100 years. Today’s blockchain technology, VR technology, 5G mobile network communication technology, artificial intelligence technology, each technology will accumulate and become a component of the metaverse. .

Aurorabase plans to build a Metaverse infrastructure alliance chain with blockchain as the bottom layer, serving application developers in the Metaverse era, and making Metaverse application development simple and efficient. At present, in July 2019, Aurorabase has created an exclusive JAVASCRIPT library to allow global technology developers to program in JAVASCRIPT and build a dedicated underlying infrastructure for the Metaverse through online collaboration.


The idea of the JAVASCRIPT library comes from Bitcoin. The birth of Bitcoin is through a group of cypherpunks headed by Satoshi Nakamoto to complete the principle demonstration and technical development of digital currency in a distributed and collaborative way. The Aurorabase JAVASCRIPT library is collaboratively developed in an open-source manner, allowing developers around the world to upload their own code and weave a common metaverse bottom layer. With the help of the power of global geeks, Aurorabase is realized in a crowd-creating way. On the other hand, the open source collaboration also represents the complete decentralization of Aurorabase at the bottom layer, and there is no and no backdoor set up by anyone, making Aurorabase a pure geek pedigree.

Aurorabase’s JAVASCRIPT library will be compatible with JSON-RPC, INFURA, Etherscan, Alchemy, and Metamask.Data can be synchronized in a variety of environments, realizing the friendly attribute to all cornerstone developers, facilitating the participation of technical geeks in various fields around the world in the development of Aurorabase, and better completing the integration of technologies. Aurorabase will become another public chain after Bitcoin that gathers global developers to practice the concept of decentralization.

The successful creation of the Aurorabase JAVASCRIPT library has attracted wide attention from all parties in the industry. In October 2019, voices from the Ethereum developer community clearly supported Aurorabase. In November 2019, a large number of geeks in the Bitcoin developer community expressed that they would Participate in the development of Aurorabase JAVASCRIPT when necessary, and invite global VR hardware R&D teams to open source the underlying algorithms of VR holographic vision, so as to better realize the underlying technology framework of Aurorabase’s metaverse.

The white paper of the Aurorabase project has been released. According to the project settings, Aurorabase will be a public chain dedicated to the metaverse in a complete state. Countless parallel metaverses will run on it. Not limited to developers, ordinary users can also use building blocks Modular programming creates a personal metaverse. Aurorabase has completed more than 60,000 lines of code programming on Aurorabase JAVASCRIPT as of December 2019, and 3816 geeks participated in Aurorabase JAVASCRIPT anonymously. The peak time occurred on December 7 86 developers uploaded their code to Aurorabase JAVASCRIPT on this day.


In the short term, every technical detail of the Aurorabase JAVASCRIPT library will become a reference for Metaverse industry solutions. In the medium term, the standards formulated by Aurorabase will become industry standards due to the realization of collaborative development. A series of technologies such as communication, data format and API interface The standard will formulate a template for the Metaverse industry. The technology development process of Aurorabase is the process of discussion and formulation of industry-wide standards. In the long run, the final completion of the Aurorabase JAVASCRIPT library will be a historical watershed for mankind to officially enter the Metaverse. All JAVASCRIPT Library code sharers are all history makers.

Paying tribute to the cypherpunk spirit, the open source spirit, and the global geek god, the Aurorabase JAVASCRIPT library will be a model of human collaboration. We use technology to promote the process of history and let everyone enjoy the benefits of technology. The success of Aurorabase is The success of the metaverse is another victory for the technopunk spirit.