As the emerging leader of the ——The Collins Foundation

The advent of the Web3.0 era has profoundly changed the way of data storage, fully guaranteed personal data and privacy, and is an important guarantee for the realization of the meta-universe. With the rapid development of digital economy, the future prospect of the universe market is bright.


Collins Foundation is led by Digital currency group, Blockchain capital, Fenbushi Capital, and many other well-known venture capital institutions. It is a high-tech overseas business platform in the field of Internet and big data focusing on the development of decentralized distributed storage, distributed computing and distributed database technology. The Collins Foundation The total number of 1 million CLS issued governance tokens (initial 100,000,900,000 market incentives), creating a 10,000 times financial chain encryption system, committed to providing safe, efficient, cost-saving and privacy distribution storage services for blockchain enthusiasts around the world.


In the next 5-10 years, it will cooperate with 50 top capital and funds around the world to build computing power storage in the world, acquire overseas $10 billion IDC supercomputer data center, build the diversified computing power industry ecology of WEB 3.0 yuan universe, and provide a safe, open, free and reliable storage network platform for blockchain enthusiasts around the world.