AIFOX quantitative trading, the way to success in professional investment!

The vigorous development of the Metaverse, Gamefi, and NFT tracks has brought a large number of new users to the crypto-asset industry who are eager for profit. Among them, there are even novices who have never been exposed to traditional investment channels such as stocks and funds. In an industry where the cognitive threshold, operational difficulty and risk factor of cryptocurrencies are much higher than those of the traditional securities market, it is even more difficult for new and small investors to make sustainable profits.

In response to this pain point, AIFOX, the crypto asset quantitative trading platform that Xiaobian recently came into contact with, replicated the quantitative trading in the securities market to the crypto asset circle, and launched the 7×24-hour tracking function, which liberated the energy of the majority of retail investors to a certain extent. , and also reduce the learning pressure of understanding the project and the industry. Investors only need to deposit funds in AIFOX and participate in quantitative arbitrage with one click through the trading section.

AIFOX intelligent quantitative trading platform

AIFOX is a global one-stop platform for digital asset intelligent trading. Based on the team’s more than 10 years of traditional financial strategy and development experience, it is committed to providing global users with safe, convenient and reliable digital asset intelligent quantitative trading services. On the AIFOX platform, users You can experience one-stop digital asset trading, free quantitative strategies, and financial gameplay such as depositing coins to earn interest, and pledge interest.

At present, the platform’s quantitative business covers more than 160 countries and has served more than 1 million users around the world. Its strategic partners include mainstream exchanges such as BINANCE, OKX, BitMEX, Huobi Global, FTX, and coinbase. Looking forward to the future, AIFOX will also actively expand the international market to draw a new ecological blueprint for the platform. In the future, AIFOX will win the exchange license, launch platform governance tokens, enrich more quantitative products and strategic services, and build a new quantitative transaction value ecosystem.


Four advantages of AIFOX

Security Compliance Authorization

AIFOX has been legally authorized by MSB in the United States and Canada, and has obtained the Australian ASIC financial license. The platform has been operating since 2014 and has been recognized and used by many digital currency investors in South America, Europe, Asia and other countries and regions.

Intelligent quantitative strategy

The AIFOX platform devotes itself to self-developed intelligent quantitative strategies for users to experience for free. It uses advanced AI intelligent models to replace human judgment, realizes automatic high selling and low buying in bear markets, and easily arbitrage at the moment of ups and downs, helping users to continue to make profits in the market.

One-stop quantification + trading

AIFOX has an exchange matching mechanism, an independent digital asset account system, massive centralized exchange data support, and the tracking error of backtesting and trading is clear at a glance.

Intelligent risk control system

Covering all-round compliance risk management such as intelligent black and white list algorithms, intelligent position control algorithms, etc., to ensure the security of user assets in an all-round way.


What is the value of quantitative trading?

There are many value points in quantitative trading, which can be roughly divided into:

1. A large amount of historical data can be used to test the strategy, and the transaction efficiency can be improved by a hundred times . When we want to verify a trading strategy, we usually examine its historical data performance, which often requires a large amount of historical data and calculation, and quantitative trading can get results in a few minutes after a backtest. Compared with traditional manual labor The efficiency improvement of the practice is a hundredfold.

2. Capture trading opportunities in real time across the market . When you know a profit condition, and when the currency price of a certain project meets this condition, you can operate profitably. Quantitative trading can use AI intelligence to track the market in real time, so that you can not miss any trading opportunities and double your profitability.

3. More profit opportunities . Quantitative trading can use computers to analyze massive data to obtain profit opportunities that are difficult for ordinary people to find, and some opportunities can only be exploited by quantitative trading.

At present, the global economy continues to decline, and investors in the crypto market are waiting for the bull market, and quantitative trading will be an essential tool for crossing bulls and bears. Since AIFOX has developed in 2014, its gameplay mode has been fully recognized by capital and the market. The number of active users exceeding 300,000 and still growing is enough to illustrate this point. When the market fluctuates greatly and more and more investors realize the risks of cryptocurrency investment, the value of “quantitative trading” that can realize arbitrage at any time in the ups and downs will also be magnified.