aelfUnion Global Launch Event: Pioneering Innovative Solutions for the Next Generation of Blockchain

Hong Kong, 25 September 2023 – With a successful launch event, aelfUnion has firmly staked its claim in the blockchain sphere, illustrating its ambitious goals and steadfast resolve in setting industry standards.

Revelations and Milestones

The event brought together community members from more than 10 countries worldwide, and delivered insightful and exciting updates on aelfUnion’s mission and future endeavours. Mr. John Mendez, the International Head of Growth, shared aelf’s impactful journey in the blockchain industry since 2017 and the milestones leading up to the formation of aelfUnion, outlining its vision and purpose.

This sentiment was further echoed in the speeches by the Heads of Growth across other regions, including Greater China and Korea, highlighting aelfUnion’s vast global outreach and aspirations. The speakers offered insights, woven with their regional perspectives to provide a comprehensive view of aelfUnion’s expansive roadmap.

Since its inception, aelfUnion’s trajectory has been marked by stellar growth. It was announced during the event that the 500 community nodes, designed to foster a more collaborative and inclusive ecosystem, were quickly acquired by community members in the presale.

At the same time, the team revealed that besides aelfUnion’s strategic positioning as a node in aelf’s TMRWDAO, there are plans to participate in the election of the management committee. TMRWDAO will ensure the decentralised governance of aelf, and is a testament to aelf’s commitment towards uniting diverse enterprises and promoting cross-industry sharing and collaboration.

aelf has also committed $50 million into aelfVentures, its blockchain ecosystem fund to boost blockchain innovations. Besides focusing on strategic and financial investments in promising blockchain startups and established crypto enterprises, $10 million will be used to fortify community initiatives on a global scale. This will be dedicated to expanding and optimizing the aelf ecosystem, serving to reinforce both aelf and aelfUnion’s mission to build and nurture a strong, united, and resilient aelf community.

Charting New Horizons

In closing, aelfUnion unveiled its brand-new headquarters in the business hub of Hong Kong. This strategic move is poised to further strengthen community support in Asia and beyond, reflecting aelfUnion’s expanding footprint and providing a prime location to spearhead innovations in the blockchain space. Community members were invited to visit the new headquarters once it is open.

This monumental step marks another milestone in aelfUnion’s ongoing journey of growth and innovation. Through its trailblazing initiatives, profound industry backing, and steadfast commitment to community involvement, aelfUnion is paving the way for a transformative future with aelf.

About aelfUnion

aelfUnion is a global gathering of blockchain enthusiasts, leaders, innovators, developers, institutions and corporations. The organisation will act as a catalyst for the growth and prosperity of the aelf blockchain by developing new business opportunities, driving industry adoption, and promoting learning and collaboration.

Guided by forward-looking industry leaders who share a common goal – the advancement of the aelf ecosystem, aelfUnion looks forward to providing guidance, support, and stewardship to businesses and users navigating the realms of blockchain and emerging technologies.