“24/7” encrypted consensus DAO venture capital organization World DAO — an industry pioneer in the Web3.0 era

On December 26, Finch Capital released its 2022 forecast for European fintech. The report pointed out that crypto/defi will become mainstream in the future, and the adoption of crypto and defi by most enterprises has paved the way for the global popularity of encryption. The report also said that the increase in CVC investment funds in this field has also contributed to the global upgrade of policy supervision. The penetration of the crypto space in various fields has reached an all-time high. Among them, the traditional financial field and the financial technology field have become the main track of encryption technology. At the same time, the total amount invested by investment institutions in it has soared from $5.4 billion in 2020 to $30 billion in 2021.

Who are the winners behind the crypto space?

In the field of encryption, AXS, the leading gamefi project launched in 2021, has achieved an increase of 20,240% in just one year, followed by SOL and MATIC, which also have an increase of over 10,000%. Under the conditions of a bumper harvest in the market, various investors behind it have also achieved incalculable value, and a16z is one of the biggest winners.

Activist investing world trendsetter

Founded in 2009, a16z is a fairly young investment institution, but its investment process has run through the entire mobile Internet era, and its investment success rate is extremely high. Star companies such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Airbnb, Okta, Github, etc. have a16z participation behind them. After entering the field of encryption, a16z has successively invested in a number of well-known projects such as CoinBase, Uniswap, Solana, maker Dao, etc. These projects have rapidly grown into giants in the field but also brought invaluable value to a16z.

All of this stems from the unique investment strategy, top talent training system, and unique investment vision developed by a16z.

How to deeply activate the market potential of the encryption field?

After the blowout of technologies and concepts such as Metaverse, Web3, Defi, and GameFi, the blue ocean field of encryption is waiting for more capital to be explored. In this case, how to obtain first-mover advantages and deepen value rights in each emerging field is the rigid demand of current investors in the crypto field.

Thus, World DAO was born. World DAO is an economic community based on the DAO agreement reached by global blockchain practitioners, developers, participants, and traditional financial leaders. This is a typical DAO organization, that is, a new collaborative form that removes the centralized organization, everyone’s democracy, everyone’s decision-making, everyone’s participation, and everyone’s profit.

World DAO itself has launched strategic cooperation with famous investment banking institutions in various regions of the world, such as Blackstone Capital, Softbank, 3i Group, etc., and has close ties with a16z. Therefore, World DAO has the most cutting-edge tuyere resources and aggregated data flow in the industry.

In addition, World DAO has a broad consensus group in various regions of the world, and each member is a senior collaborator and investor of World DAO. They are not only enthusiasts in the field of encryption, but also top talents in the political and business circles, financial circles, and technology industries. The resource sharing and information open space composed of all members will be an important investment advantage of World DAO.

In terms of media, World DAO has a large media team in various countries around the world and has high-quality resources of local print media and digital media. Any project can gain high exposure and traffic support around the world through World DAO.

Bringing together many high-quality forces, World DAO can empower various emerging fields, technologies, and projects in the coming Web3 era, and at the same time provide all members with extremely high net worth investment opportunities.

What kind of changes can World DAO bring?

World DAO’s intention is to become an “all-weather” decentralized crypto investment DAO consensus organization. That is, there is no “winter” in the world of World DAO.

This is a gathering place for a group of top talents, a confluence point of global traffic, and a comprehensive collector of industry information and data.

The market value management team from top Wall Street investment banks can give the best investment strategies, and the experience brought by participating in leading projects such as Bitcoin Cash BCH and Astro ATOM can enable investors to invest in Defi, NFT, GameFi, Metaverse, etc. Continue to achieve cutting-edge benefits in this field.

Every encrypted project is a potential investment object of World DAO. After targeted analysis, review, and value simulation by DAO members, World DAO will use all its own advantageous resources to invest, support, and construct the project in an all-around way. Aims to unleash its full potential to gain unlimited value in the Web3 world.

As a DAO member, you can join any group according to your own advantages, such as the financial market value team, technology development team, media operation team, etc. Formally relying on this approach, World DAO will build a top-notch and efficient investment ecosystem based on the CAA model. Each member has rights and responsibilities and progresses towards common interests, common goals, and a common future under the guidance of consensus thinking.

In the future, World DAO will also focus on talent training and the establishment of investment thinking. Break down the barriers of information barriers, so that everyone can get more benefits in World DAO.

It can be said that the success of the projects invested by World DAO is the success of all members. One effort can create tens of millions of value. It will be the eternal vision of World DAO to form a community of interests, values, and destiny composed of all ecological participants. The investment myth in the crypto space will be created by all World DAO members.