D·World Ecology and Knight Pur jointly build a cutting-edge decentralized ecological platform

D·World Ecology is a decentralized ecological platform completely governed by DAO, a new economic model of (DeFi+DAO+NFT) three-dimensional integrated blockchain, a truly decentralized, sustainable and autonomous digital transaction ecosystem The system provides users with multiple advantageous services in the DEFI field, such as aggregate mining, liquid mining, decentralized ecological Dapp project incubation, decentralized social networking, and mainstream currency mining ecology.

On February 2, 2021, D·World Ecology Foundation announced that it has reached a comprehensive strategic partnership with Knight Pur, a decentralized digital asset financial platform. Knight Pur is a digital asset management platform incubated by the American Lending Club, which integrates decentralized digital asset transactions, digital asset preservation, digital asset financial management, cross-chain transactions and many other services. D·World Ecology will cooperate and explore with Knight Pur in areas such as ecological traffic, DEFI applications, security technology, and asset management.

Knight Pur is integrating D•World Ecology’s native tokens to enable it to enter the fully licensed trading platform of Knight Pur to support D•World Ecology. Not only that, the Knight Pur trading platform will also support other assets on D•World, such as aggregate fission token (DOC), governance token (DW), art collection (NFT), etc. In addition, Knight Pur and D·World Ecology will collaborate in the project ecology and DEFI application incubation to jointly promote the decentralized financial ecology.

Knight Pur, a decentralized digital asset financial platform, allows banks, financial institutions, asset managers, and exchanges to achieve safe, reliable, and efficient operations in the digital asset ecosystem. Through this platform, customers can safely keep their assets while seamlessly connecting with liquidity providers, exchanges and lending platforms in a highly secure and regulated platform. Knight Pur has a massive business layout in Asia and Europe, and has achieved a fully compliant digital asset operation business under the endorsement of the US Lending Club.

With its unparalleled transaction speed, scale, security and decentralized governance characteristics, D·World Ecology is becoming the world’s leading decentralized ecological incubation platform. So far, D·World Ecology has successfully incubated aggregate mining Dapps, mobile wallets, mainstream asset market monitoring platforms, and in the future there will be decentralized lending Dapps, distributed social networking, and regional centralized DAO governance applications. The Knight Pur financial platform values not only the excellent trading performance of D·World Ecology, but also its extremely friendly, inclusive, and extremely rewarding Dapp project incubation ecology. The D·World Ecology DAO Foundation team stated that they will work with Knight Pur to accelerate the popularization of DEFI decentralized applications and explore more cutting-edge economic models from 2021.

George Walker Bush, director of the Knight Pur project research and development organization, said that D·World Ecology, as a leading blockchain Dapp incubation ecosystem, has the final vision and ecological composition consistent with the mission of Knight Pur. The ecological foundation of D·World Ecology (including openness, permissionlessness, pure governance equity proof and transaction termination, etc.) provides the necessary security, scalability and decentralization attributes, and these are Knight Pur Finance What the platform is fancy, and for Knight Pur, D·World Ecology’s friendly development ecology and traffic support plan will be particularly critical.

The D·World Ecology DAO Foundation team stated that the D·World Foundation is very pleased to cooperate with Knight Pur to bring the D·World Ecology ecology to the Knight Pur platform and bring win-win and interoperable user traffic to both parties. Knight Pur uses D·World Ecology to provide a transparent, secure and highly flexible platform for customers using cryptocurrencies, allowing users to conduct instant digital transactions, thereby accelerating the adoption of digital currencies by institutions. I am very happy to have such a strong ecological partner in the world. We will join hands in 2021 to push the decentralized ecological financial system to a higher level.